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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stupid rules!!! comes from stupid bosses!!

Full of £$%&!!! yes! they are! specially mine... i was supposed to attend our team building on monday which is technically tomorrow unfortunately my boss transfered some of the outbound agents to call for inbound. and i am one of them.. for the reason because we are the chosen people who they belive has a good communication skill. DAMN! such a lame excuse for us to just go with the flow... the stupid part is that.. we will have our outbound team building by tomorrow and everyone is entitled to attend because it was funded by our company.. but since we have a shift.. we need to report to work.. they gave us a very STUPID shedule wich will allow us to go to the party for only three hours.. the funny partt is that it is between our shift.. its like we need to report to the office first.. then in lunch time.. we will have our LONG LUNCH for three stupid hours.. then go back to the office to finish our shift..

MAN!! were is the support? how about giving them a cup of shit? i mean.. that is a party that we will be attending.. with loud music! alcohol and lots of activities,, and they just want us to go there for a limited amount of time? who are we CINDERELLA? atleast cinderella got a good happy ending.. duh! i bet the person who gave our schedule did not enjoy his or her childhood life... so KILL JOY!! how would oneday of restday can kill you? huh?  i hope that person will not be able to go there or atleast have his or her most embarrassing social suicide.. like a wardrobe malfunction? or the stage collapse when he or she was called into the spotlight?? harhar!!! i will definetly not going back when i get there... or maybe i would.. the question is.. will the guard let me in if he noticed that i am already drowned in alcohol..
hahaha.. evil!!!!!!

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