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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

making everything better!..

ONDOY no more!!
september 27, 2011 exactly 6pm my alarm just woke me up to get ready for work, when i realized that we don't have electricity damn! it is still raining and i don't have any idea what is already going on outside.. and main thing that pissed me off is that i neede to take a bath only using the light of a small candle(the one that we used in my birthday cake last september 19) i really hate moving in the dark.

So just to add more fear in me, myfriend julie texted me  from the office that riverbanks is already closed and all the establishments around our officeso i need to bring food for us or else well starve wow! what a nice way to convince me to report to work... haha! to my surprise when i got outside of the boarding house i was expecting heavy traffic.. guess what! no PUJ! so i took on a cab... cause in cases like these our company pays our fair just for us to come in to work..

i arrived in the office (marikina mk2 sykes) and wow! the water level of the river is 1meter away in reaching our office. then i saw agents watching it rise. i told my self 'whats wrong with these people! aren't they afraid to be drowned why is our company is still not letting us go home. so i spoke with my teamleader! guess what! good news! they want us to render overtime because of our absenteism rate. PERFECT! and i was even asked to call inbound and outbound. hope everything will be fine when my shift ends.:)

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